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Rockbridge Management was founded to help businesses and managers to continually grow in a variety of ways. Growth in financial terms, growth in individual and group capability and most importantly the growth in the value created. 

Value comes in many forms, means different things to different people and is not just measured in monetary terms.


Rockbridge Management can guide businesses and managers in unlocking all the value contained in an organisation or an individual. 

Steve McCoy

Managing Director

I am a senior executive with experience in privately owned and stock exchange listed businesses. I have a passion for helping business owners and senior managers to develop and grow their people and business. I can help create increasing value in you, your people and your business.

LIEW W Angela img2130ppt.jpg
Angela Liew


I am a certified executive coach and leadership development consultant. My 21 years of international corporate experience helped to firmly establish my passion and commitment in partnering with individuals and organizations along their journey of personal growth, organizational and leadership development, and change management. 

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